Investing in the Trump Era Requires Patience

The only certainty with investing in the Trump era at this time is uncertainty, and uncertainty can bring sharper swings in the market. Dealing with these swings requires patience. We’ve already seen President Trump’s tweets temporarily move markets. When the president tweeted about costs for Air Force One and the F-35 fighter jet, both Boeing[…]

The Chinese Central Bank and its Strategic Plan

Are there lessons to be learned from the head of the Chinese Central Bank Zhou Xiaochuan’s strategic plans for the future of Chinese currency? TEAM Wealth’s Portfolio Manager Jennifer Johnsrud’s discusses this in her latest commentary published on the Investing in Chinese Stocks website. Read the article here:  Zhou Xiaochuan’s Long March

China’s Economic Crisis

Domestically China has gone through an investment and borrowing boom that has left companies with mountains of debt and Chinese banks with mountains of bad loans. Standard and Poor’s (S&P) estimates that China’s nonfinancial companies have outstanding loans of $14.2 trillion dollars with projected growth of this debt to $20 trillion dollars in 2018. This[…]